Fire prevention at work across the UK and Ireland.

Within a business operation there will be key individuals who are responsible for fire safety.

This could include:

  • an employer
  • business owner
  • landlord
  • an occupier
  • any person who has delegated responsibilities to look after the business premises whether this be an operations manager, facilities manager, premises manager, managing agent or risk assessor.

The individual designated to be responsible for the fire risk within a business is known as the ‘responsible person’. If there is more than one responsible person, then they have to work together as a team to ensure the fire risk responsibilities are met.

The responsible person must:

  • undertake a fire risk assessment and ensure it is reviewed regularly
  • ensure all employees are made aware of the fire safety risks
  • after identifying fire risks ensure appropriate fire safety measures are in place
  • create a plan and ensure all parties are aware of evacuation procedures
  • Put in place a robust fire safety instruction and training policy

It is essential that all business premises where staff are employed and which are frequented by customers have evacuation plans which have been communicated throughout the business so that when a fire does occur everyone is aware of their roles in ensuring everyone reaches a place of safety. These rules apply to all non domestic premises and shared premises.

Non-domestic premises are considered to be all commercial premises, premises that the public frequent and have access to but also includes the common areas of multi-occupied residential buildings such as kitchens, play rooms, gymnasiums and lounges.

Where premises are shared the responsibilities for fire safety will often be shared by key people across companies. Here a team will be required to draft and put in place fire safety plans. In many cases in shared premises the responsible person will be a landlord or managing agent.

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