Fire alarms across the UK and Ireland.

Fire alarm designed and installed to the appropriate standards in the event of a fire could save lives, reduce building damage and save your business.

Statistics show fire alarms installed and maintained according to British Standard BS5839 save many lives each year.

It has been estimated that early warning systems can save at least half of all lives lost in fires and significantly reduce property damage.

Fire regulations includes the:

  • Requirement for a business to undertake a fire risk assessment according to their specific needs. This will recommend the most suitable fire alarm for your premises and highlight all other fire risks within the premises.
  • Installation of the most appropriate detection system throughout the building according to the fire risk assessment with the level of warning most appropriate to your business.
  • Fire alarm systems should be designed and installed by suitably qualified, competent persons.
  • Undertaking of routine maintenance of your fire alarm systems on a regular basis. This maintenance should be documented and to hand in case of fire service inspections.

If you require assistance with ensuring that your fire alarms meet the requirements of your business as part of your overall fire safety strategy please contact us today.