What is a Fire Risk Assessment ?

The Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 & The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires the ‘Responsible Person‘ , normally the employer  or other person having responsibility with regard to the premises, to carry out a fire risk assessment and to act on the significant  findings of that assessment.

The fire risk assessment should be carried out by a competent person, and should be reviewed regularly, preferably on an annual basis. In addition to the annual review, the risk assessment is a dynamic document and if the persons using the premises, the processes which take place, or the premises themselves change, the risk assessment should be reviewed.

If the risk assessment shows that remedial work is required, or additional fire safety measures are required, the legislation requires the Responsible Person to provide them. We will help you to prioritise the work required and if necessary negotiate with the Fire and Rescue Service on your behalf, thus ensuring  that any costs can be spread out with the most safety critical requirements being addressed first.

In addition to the risk assessment it is also recommended that a general fire policy statement and manual is compiled.

The local Fire and Rescue service will carry out an audit of your business to check that you are complying with the legislation and will expect to see a copy of your risk assessment and evidence that you have acted on the significant findings.

Failure to comply with the legislation has led to hefty fines and imprisonment. With our risk assessment package you get peace of mind, avoiding the problems of non-compliance and safeguarding your business and staff.

As our staff are former fire safety officers with industry recognised qualifications you can rest assured that your fire risk assessment will meet with the approval of the Fire Service.

​At DPD Fire & Safety Consultants we aim to make the legal compliance process as smooth and stress free as possible, we look after your fire safety requirements so you can concentrate on your business.