Fire Risk Assessments across the UK and Ireland.

All employers are responsible for fire safety in premises they operate within and must appoint a ‘responsible person’ for fire safety.

The ‘responsible person’ must manage any fire risk on the premises. As part of managing this fire risk they must carry out a fire risk assessment.

The fire risk assessment will look to:

  • Identify fire hazards – anything that can start a fire, anything that can burn in a fire, and sources of oxygen which will intensify a fire.

  • Identify who is at risk. This may include people who work close to or with fire hazards, people who work alone, or in isolated areas such as storerooms, children or parents with babies, elderly people and disabled people.

  • Evaluate fire safety risks and consider how these can be removed or reduced.

When unacceptable risks have been eliminated a fire risk assessment will then consider risks that can’t be removed and decide what fire safety measures – alarms, fire extinguishers, evacuation plans, etc. are required and whether existing arrangements meet those needs.

An important part of undertaking a fire risk assessment is the recording and reviewing of the findings and the implementation of any fire safety actions required.

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