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Fire Regulation Updates

The law on fire alarms is changing, meaning all Scottish homes will need to have interlinked alarms by February 2022.

The legislation has been introduced by the Scottish Government following of the Grenfell Tower fire in London in 2017, and it applies to all Scottish homes.

Interlinked means if one goes off, they all go off, and it is the property owner’s responsibility for meeting the new standard.

Guidance and further information can be found via the Scottish Government website or feel free to contact us for your no obligation quote today !

Sprinkler systems to protect against fire.

Legislation to make sprinkler systems compulsory in new social housing is to be taken forward.

Housing Minister Kevin Stewart confirmed that the Scottish Government will take forward David Stewart MSP’s proposal for a Members’ Bill to make it a legal requirement for all future new build social housing properties to be fitted with sprinkler systems.

Currently all new high-rise domestic buildings, whether private or social, with a floor over ‎18 metres must have automatic fire suppression systems fitted.

Housing Minister Kevin Stewart said:

“I am very grateful to David Stewart for his work on bringing forward this important issue and gaining cross-party support for his proposal. I can confirm that the Scottish Government will implement the aim of Mr Stewart’s proposal and will bring forward legislation as soon as is practicable in this Parliamentary session.

“This is an opportunity to further improve standards in our social housing and this work will be taken forward alongside the recommendations of the two reviews of building standards and fire safety which we will consult on later this summer.

“I look forward to continuing to work together with David Stewart and the very many others who have contributed to date in order to see this legislation through.”


MSP David Stewart brought forward a final proposal for a Bill to require new-build Scottish social housing to be fitted with automatic fire suppression systems 22 May 2018.

Expanding the use of sprinkler systems in Houses in Multiple Occupancies (HMOs) that are used as care facilities, or house more than 10 people, is one of the recommendations that will be consulted on as a result of work done by the Ministerial Working Group on Building and Fire Safety since it was established last June. This will be consulted on in the coming weeks.

Preventing Arson – Protecting your business

All businesses are potential targets for deliberate fire-raising.

Taking positive action on some simple issues could help protect your business from arson.

Check out the recommendations in the attached guide which present a range of measures that may be considered to assist business and property owners to reduce the arson risk.


How to source quality fire safety products

A new free document published by insurers through RISC Authority research scheme aims to provide independent, explanatory guidance to end-users, assisting them to obtain reliable, high quality fire safety products and services.

The document also provides understanding on the terms and procedures to assist in the acquisition of reliable fire related products and services.

RISC Authority membership comprises a group of significant UK insurers that develop best practice for the protection of people, property, business and the environment from loss due to fire and other risks. These recommendations are directed not only towards managers of large commercial and industrial organisations, but equally to those responsible for small and medium sized enterprises. Including: healthcare, education and providers of housing, sheltered accommodation and care homes.  The document is designed to provide background information to assist a fire safety manager or responsible person who has to facilitate the installation of new products or the acquisition of fire related services, such as fire risk assessments.

This publication is available for free download on the RISCAuthority websites at

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