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Fire Risk Assessments – Why are they so important?

Have you completed a competent fire risk assessment?

A fire risk assessment is important to assist in the creation of a quality fire safety policy in a business premises. It is mandatory by law and ensures all eventualities for the use of the building have been looked at to protect the building, staff, visitors and its contents from fire.

Every business is required to appoint a Responsible Person who holds the responsibility for ensuring your fire risk assessment and fire safety policy satisfies the requirements of fire legislation/law. When completing these responsibilities it is necessary for you to use someone who is competent and therefore fully capable of supplying you with a comprehensive fire risk assessment – you can do it yourself, but will need to feel that you understand all the requirements of your premises.

If it is found that your risk assessment/fire safety policy is not adequate you may face prosecution, in the event of a fire, as the person appointed to fulfil these duties.

For further information on fire risk assessments in the workplace visit the GOV.UK website

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